Social Aim Feed and Educates for abundant group of people and protect to environment

SAFE INDIA ,social service,Feeding to hungry people,ORPHANAGE


Education is response exists eradicate the social evil and environment areas of our community transformation

SAFE INDIA ,social service,Feeding to hungry people,ORPHANAGE


   SAFE INDIA registered under Indian Trust Act.

   SAFE INDIA is regd. u/s 12A (a) & u/s 80G (5) (VI) by Income Tax Dept, Govt. of India

   SAFE INDIA has PAN No. AACTS6230L by Dept. of income Tax, Govt. of India

   SAFE INDIA registered under FCRA By Dept. of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

   SAFE INDIA registered in NITI AAYOG Govt. of India Unique ID: TN/2018/0185864

   SAFE INDIA Registered in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Govt. of India

   SAFE INDIA is a Charitable & Non-profit org certified by Revenue Dept. Govt. of TN.

   SAFE INDIA recognized by Dept. of Children and Women, State Govt. of TN

   SAFE INDIA got EDP Training institute from Dept. of Industry & Com. Govt. of TN

   SAFE INDIA registered Under JJ ACT in Social Defence Govt. of TN

SAFE INDIA ,social service,Feeding to hungry people,ORPHANAGE


The purpose of this Trust is to understand the love of Education as revealed in society to bear witness to this love to all people devoid of caste, creed and religion so that people may experienced this love.

In furtherance of this aim, the Trust without discrimination on the grounds of caste, community, creed, religion and Nationality shall engage in following activities.

SAFE INDIA ,social service,Feeding to hungry people,ORPHANAGE

    To establish and run educational institution at various level for the benefit of the society.

    To provide medical plants and health care facilities to the poor and needy at Subsidized or free of cost.

    To undertake relief work for those affected by natural calamities.

    To undertake various development programmers for the socio-economic development of the poor and the needy so as to achieve their self-reliance;

    To perform any other lawful activity the trust deems fit to the uplift of the society and in furtherance of the above purpose without any profit-motive.

    The objective of the trust is 8 to believe in TRINITY and it extends the GOOD NEWS through LOVE and SERVICE.

    To establish children’s Home with the name of SAFE INDIA CHILDRENS HOME

    To establish OLD Age Home/Day care centres with the name of SAFE INDIA OLD AGE HOME.

    To provide training about AGRICULTURE AND ITS TECHNOLOGIES to poor and needy people. Conducting VOCATIONL TRAINING of rural youth, children and women.

    To provide FAMILY and Educational CONSELLING to the poor and needy at subsidized on free of cost at areas level.

    To provide SHELTTER and Maintain This ANIMAL Husbandry.

    To provide training to non Government organizations and individual persons about Dairy AND ANIMAL.

    To Take care of Sick animals and birds alone, ABANDONED ANIMALS STARVE animals.

    To establish and run ENVIRONMENT Projects at area level for the safety of society.

    To give training about the Indian system of medicine and HOMOPEATHY. To planting the medicine plants.

    To establish and run SOCIAL FOREST among slums and rural areas and etc.

    To collaborate with Government institutions and voluntary organizations for development activities.

    To provide ‘Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training’ for Women empowerment.

    To provide ‘Income generation Programme training’ for women development. It may consist of Group and Individual.


   Our Safe India is maintained transparency and accountability.

   Our Safe India staff is qualified, trained and sanctified.

   Our Safe India is select the needy field and suitable beneficiaries for projects

  Our Safe India is discuss past & future plan our office bearers with staff in monthly manner

   Our Safe India field staff conducts monthly meetings to field beneficiaries

SAFE INDIA ,social service,Feeding to hungry people,ORPHANAGE